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Dairyland is a member of MISO, which is one of the nation's largest regional transmission organizations. Today, MISO issued a news release detailing preparedness actions and tools used with utilities like Dairyland to help ensure safe, reliable operations during challenging conditions. Click here to read the release. 

Dairyland’s System Operations Center works closely with MISO to help ensure the power grid remains stable. Dairyland's system operators are in daily contact with MISO to understand current power needs and how Dairyland’s resources can support the regional grid.

We also drill regularly with MISO and our 24 member cooperatives to test a variety of scenarios, including protocols for temporary controlled outages. Many steps, including calling on consumers to reduce energy use to help stabilize the electric grid, would be taken prior to implementing controlled outages. Dairyland has never experienced one of these events to date, but we make sure we are prepared for the possibility.